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As a passionate advocate for preserving life’s beautiful moments, I wholeheartedly believe in capturing not only the big milestones but also the everyday moments that weave together of a family’s life. We cherish the significant milestones like the first birthday and cake smash sessions, but I also encourage families to embrace and document the mundane moments that often hold the most meaning—the quiet cuddles, the playful giggles, and the everyday routines that shape our lives.

At Eszter Toth Photography, we take pride in celebrating these special milestones and helping families freeze time through photography. From sitter sessions, capturing the adorable milestone of your baby sitting unassisted at around six months old, to the first birthday session where we capture your baby’s sweet details and their reaction to tasting cake for the first time, each session is a treasure trove of memories waiting to be preserved.

While we curate beautiful and memorable first birthday celebrations, I want to emphasize the importance of investing in capturing these sweet times through photography. These images serve as the tangible reminders of the fleeting moments that make up our lives, allowing you to look back and relive the joy, love, and growth that define your family’s journey.

With a genuine passion for preserving life’s precious moments, I invite you to join me in celebrating and capturing the beauty of every milestone, big and small. Together, we’ll create a collection of timeless memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Why should you book a cake smash portrait session?

A cake smash photo session for your baby’s first birthday has become a popular way to capture the milestone of your baby’s first birthday. This type of photo session involves placing a small cake in front of your baby and letting them explore and smash it while a photographer captures the moment.

The idea behind a cake smash photo session is to capture your baby’s pure joy and curiosity as they discover and interact with their first birthday cake. It can create a fun and memorable experience for both you and your baby, and the resulting photos can be a cherished keepsake for years to come. Eszter Toth Photography offers a comprehensive cake smash session that provides multiple opportunities to capture your child’s milestones and growth. This package includes a portrait of your child, an updated family portrait, a cake smash session, and a bubble bath. Each component of the session allows for a unique and fun way to document your child’s personality and growth at this stage of their life. The final result is a collection of photos that you can cherish for years to come, showcasing your child’s milestones and how much they have grown. The photos can be used to create a beautiful and unique first birthday photo album or to share with family and friends.

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personalized experience

Just as every pregnancy journey is unique, so too is each first birthday celebration. At Eszter Toth Photography, we believe in crafting a personalized experience that reflects the individual essence and style of your family. From selecting the perfect location to curating wardrobe choices and conceptualizing themes, we tailor each first birthday and cake smash portrait session to capture the magic of this milestone in a way that resonates with your family’s story and vision.

sweet memories

Beyond the cake crumbs and colorful balloons, our signature style focuses on capturing the emotional connections and unique bonds within your family. Whether it’s the gleeful laughter shared between siblings, the adoring gaze of parents as they watch their little one smash their first cake, or the sheer delight radiating from your child’s eyes, we strive to document the heartfelt moments and genuine emotions that define this special occasion. The resulting images not only showcase the joy and love surrounding your child’s first birthday but also serve as a timeless reminder of the cherished connections that make your family’s journey truly extraordinary.

creative perspective

In addition to our dedication to professionalism, Eszter Toth Photography infuses each first birthday and cake smash portrait session with artistic flair and creative expression. We delight in exploring unique perspectives, playing with light and color, and incorporating imaginative elements that add a touch of whimsy to every photograph. This artistic approach ensures that your child’s personality and the joy of their milestone celebration shine through in each image, creating a collection of portraits that captivate the heart and spark fond memories for years to come.

treasure every moment

Eszter Toth Photography is dedicated to creating memories that last a lifetime. Each first birthday and cake smash portrait session serves as a visual narrative, telling the story of your child’s journey through their first year of life and the love and laughter that fill your home. By combining personalized experiences, professional quality, creative expression, and a focus on cherished connections, we aim to provide your family with a collection of portraits that become treasured keepsakes, transporting you back to the joy and wonder of your child’s first birthday whenever you revisit these timeless images.

kind words

When we decided to pick a photographer, Eszter was an easy choice. Her photography skills look amazing based on the pictures shown on her website. In addition, she was very responsive, polite and helpful. On the actual day, everything went really smoothly. The photos we received are amazing, rich colors and great angles. We did a sunset family photoshoot, which turned out to be a super fun session with our daughter. She made the experience super fun for her. Thanks again for the beautiful pictures. You gave us a sweet memory we can hold on to forever.

Jessica T.

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